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Tell us about yourself. What drives you? What is the best/coolest/most amazing thing that's ever happened to you?

Why do you want to join the MAGNUS team? What is it that attracts you to this industry and specifically, to our firm?

Our Core Values are: Service, Humility, Accountability, Perseverance and Excellence (SHAPE). Explain how you align with these values by answering the following questions:

What does Service mean to you? Why do you think we place so much emphasis on Service?

Explain how you incorporate the idea of Humility into your everyday life.

To demonstrate your Accountability, tell us about a time when you had to tell a colleague or client that you messed up. How did you deliver the news? How did you remain accountable? What was the end result?

At MAGNUS, when we say Perseverance, we mean the ability to not let obstacles or difficulties stand in the way of achieving your goal. Describe how you align with this value.

The pursuit of Excellence means constantly learning, challenging yourself and striving to be better at what you do. Explain, in detail, how you push yourself to be Excellent.

What relevant experience and expertise can you bring to MAGNUS?

What type of work environment/culture suits you best?

Have you previously worked in a results-based environment? Tell us about it.

What was your best year? Explain why it was so amazing.

What do you envision for your first year at MAGNUS? What would make it incredible?

Why did you leave your last job (if applicable) or why are you looking to move out of your current position?

Initiative and creative problem-solving are very important at MAGNUS. Using a specific example, explain how you overcame a problem, or fulfilled a task, by using unconventional means. How did you achieve your goal even after encountering a roadblock?

What is your name and email address? Is there anything else we should know about you?

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